Giving Back

Aryana: In the spring of 2014, I was diagnosed with a rare disease.  There was a bone the size of a golf ball growing behind my left eye, above my optic nerve, into my brain and sinuses.  My only solution, was an operation.  A brain surgery to remove the tumor and insert an implant in its place.  As the days grew closer to my surgery, I realized that if I were to make it out of surgery successfully, I would be given a second chance at life.  Now that I am living my second chance, I want to make the best of it by giving back.  And I want to inspire you to do the same!

Azadeh: Next month will mark one year of Aryana’s surgery.  We are SO fortunate to have her with us!  As our platform continues to grow with AzArAm, we want to provide the opportunity for our readers to learn about rare diseases.  But why stop there?  If we have an audience, why not raise awareness about all other disease or illness?  And again, why just stop at medical awareness?  There are so many people, non-profits, & charities making a difference in this world for so many diverse issues.  And we want to feature ALL OF YOU!  I always tell Aryana that raising awareness is the first step to help making change.  If you’re taking time to read this blog, then why not take the time to read something that might influence you to volunteer, or donate, or just be more aware?  Beginning next week (on Sundays), we will be posting about different issues, from medical to environmental to humanitarian.

Aryana: If you are part of an organization, or know of one, or even if you just want to be heard, please contact us at  We want to feature people & organizations making a positive difference.  With our platform, and thousands of unique visitors a month, we can help raise awareness!!!


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