Let’s Get Personal (in denim)

Hi readers!  As we are slowly figuring out the direction of our blog I want to start my next post by opening up and getting personal.  First a little disclaimer… I am about to talk about my sister, Aryana, and why she is the most amazing person I know!  I’m sure she’s reading this right now and has that feeling you get when a whole restaurant sings Happy Birthday to you.  But as her older sister I think I get a few passes to do this, right? 😉

So, before I share my outfit details, I want to tell all of you why this blog means so much to me.  Our blog is not just about clothes and make up and food.  I’ve created AzArAm with Aryana; the most vibrant, beautiful, inspiring soul I know.  Aryana may be ten years younger than me, but we are SO close!  She always told me I should start a blog, but would this creative venture be any fun if I didn’t have my best friend with me?!  She has dedicated so much of her time to writing up a business plan and brainstorming ideas for our blog and I have to thank her publicly for it!  She goes to school everyday, remains on the honor roll, practices her music, volunteers, and still finds time for her family, friends, and AzArAm!  Furthermore, Aryana is not just a well rounded young lady, but a SURVIVOR!

Last year on this day, I didn’t know if my sister would come out of her surgery successfully.  It was such a difficult time period from the day she was diagnosed to the day of her surgery.  And it didn’t stop there.  The recovery period was another delicate few months we had to take extra caution in.  I will not go into details of Aryana’s surgery because when she is ready I am sure she will share her story with all of you.  But I will say, she had a very trying brain surgery.  Despite all the difficulty, Aryana never once stopped smiling.  After a brain surgery the face tends to swell, and Aryana had a lot of scary needles and tubes poking out of her, but whenever we asked to take her picture, she would smile.  Imagine if a swarm of bees stung your face and your cheeks and eyes were all swollen and puffy.  Now imagine trying to smile with those puffy cheeks.  That was Aryana.  After a few days I asked her why she would smile for the pictures, because too much muscle movement in her face was painful.  And she said, “I’m making the best out of my situation.  I don’t want others to see my pictures and get scared or think it went badly.”  So even in her most critical moments, Aryana was still thinking of others!  Because that’s just who she is.  A genuinely caring, compassionate soul.  Besides always being a voice for the unheard, sticking up for those who are bullied, and helping anyone and everyone in any way she can, this is just one very small example of the ways Aryana inspires me.  Like all siblings, we have our ups and downs, but no matter what happens I am so lucky to have Aryana as my sister and I’m so proud of the person she is becoming. <3

Sooo… I think it’s time to get to today’s outfit!


Today’s outfit feature is all about denim! (Not sure why this one photo looks so fuzzy..?)

IMG_3883_638x852Outfit Details: Jeans, H&M / Similar, Top Shop // Top, old (this past fall) also from H&M // Bag, Kate SpadeCheaper Option // Shoes, Christian Louboutin

IMG_3886_638x852This is one of my everyday go to looks.  I love a good pair of skinnies matched with a loose top (the more oversize the better!) and a pair of pumps.  If I know I’m going to be running around at work I’ll go with flats or sometimes a pair of kicks if I can pull it off.  This look is also one I’d wear when I’m back in class this fall.  The ripped jeans and bejeweled top keep it trendy, but the monochromatic color scheme keeps it appropriate and low key.  You never know who will run into on campus, so I think it’s important to make an effort and get dressed in the morning.  No more sweats to class in graduate school!




IMG_3880_638x852This midsize Kate Spade hobo bag was sitting in the back of my closet, but I started using it not too long ago.  I love the egg shell color for summer and the gold zippers on the side match my bracelets.  I wear the same set of bangles almost every day!  I got them last time I was in Iran a few years back. 🙂  As I post more photos, you will also notice I always have my watch on.  Although I always have my phone in my hand (you’re lying if you say don’t!), I still check the time on my wrist!  Does anyone else do this?

IMG_3879_638x852So I definitely had a lot I had to get off my mind today.  But what is the point of investing so much into a personal blog if I don’t let my appreciation for my partner be known!?  I’m so excited for all that is to come in the near future with AzArAm!!!


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