Psst . . . I Have A New Job

Happy Wednesday my loves!  I have TONS to fill you in on this morning so I suggest you grab a comfortable seat and coffee to keep up!  I’ve been very M.I.A. lately because I’ve been going through a huge transformation both personally and career wise. Yes, your girl has a new job here!  I’m not trying to overhype it and I know could have just made a Facebook or Instagram post with this, but I really went through a personal struggle this past month and I feel like THAT is what’s most important to share with my readers, so here we go!

Before I get into it what it is (I know you’re all dying to know lol!) let me back up real quick into how it all happened. After a little more than a year at Vanity Fair, I had to find a new job QUICK.  There’s been a huge re-org in the company and, well, I was unfortunately one of the names on the chopping block.  Fortunately, I was able to stay until the end of summer, so I had ONE MONTH to find a new job.  Oh yeah, I learned about all this like a day before I went on summer vacation, so believe it or not, while I was in France I was waking up early every morning to apply to jobs.  Hustle mode on even during vacation!

Not going to lie . . . I was definitely extra moody in those weeks.  On top of possibly becoming jobless come September 1, that’s also when my lease ended so if I didn’t have a job I would have to move back home.  The thought of being jobless and moving back at home at 27 sent me spiraling into a depression.  I kept it together on the outside, but I was crying A LOT.  I even got angry at myself for going to graduate school (uh, hello biggest blessing of all and I questioned it?!) and putting myself in debt with student loans.

And worse, I started comparing myself to everyone around me—gross! I HATE when people do that, we’re all on our own paths!—and getting even more upset because no lie, I felt like was losing in life, big time.  I was having an internal battle trying to overcome my mood swings and let these setbacks motivate me to focus even harder on looking for a job.  I had to remind myself that I have been through MUCH worse than this and that everything happens for a reason.  So I begrudgingly pushed myself.  Then I started getting interviews.  Then call backs!  Then finally, a job offer that I never imagined was there!

Isn’t it amazing how things all fall into place?  This last month was a HUGE reality check for me and reminder to never lose my faith.  Right after I got my new job, it was time to figure out our lease, and although we’ve had tons of fun living together, the space is just WAY too small, so my roomie/bestie from school found her own place, and I’m staying here.  The last few weeks I’ve been preparing for my new job and getting ready to redo and renovate the apartment . . . in a way it almost feels like I’m moving too!

Sooo my loves, it’s time I head into my third day at work!  One of the biggest blessings of all, is that I did not even have to leave Conde Nast!  I got a job with a different brand so my commute is the same (across the street lol)!  Even though it’s been a couple days, I LOVE my new job.  I can’t ever remember a time in my life when I walked into a new job and automatically clicked.  It feels so natural to be here, the girls I work with are all gems, and I have been slated to work on a new project that is HYSTERICAL . . . stay tuned for it!

Moral of the story: do NOT give up.  Don’t lose faith, don’t be hard on yourself.  Even in the most challenging times, express gratitude and stay resilient.  Praises to the most high y’all!

Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you—I’m working at Glamour now. 🙂