Springtime Separates: Classics vs. ’90s

Happy Monday AzArAm followers!  So sometime around Thursday I started having cold symptoms, and come Friday I broke into a fever, chills, sore throat, and all the other nasty things that aren’t supposed to happen in 80 degree June.  Only me.  Why?  How?  From what I could see outside my window, as I lay in bed with my Netflix and Nyquil, the weather was so nice!  No worries though, for those of you who are on the edge of your seats about my current state of health… I’m still kickin’.  And I have a look I’m V. excited to share with you!  As always, you can shop it and many other affordable sets I’ve linked at the end.


Today we are talking about matching separates.  Listen guys, I know the ’90s are making one helluva comeback- didn’t Disney announce they’re playing all their DCOMs recently? (Super sad I’m too broke to have a TV or cable at my little apartment for that.)  I really believe us millennials who grew up in the best generation, with our sticker books, butterfly clips, super Nintendos, Dunkaroos (YUM), and classic movies like Space Jam, had the best childhoods.  But… I’m not so sure how I feel about the fashion coming back!  Don’t get me wrong, I rocked that Tommy Hilfiger (still do!) and to this day I’m a huge fan of the perfect dungarees (shortalls y’all!), but the ’90s led to the atrocious fashion of the ’00s!  (Do you remember gaucho pants and wide belts?  Eek!)  There is just something about these high waists and super tight crop tops that I still haven’t caught onto.  Maybe a part of me is depressed that my childhood was long ago enough to be considered an era for a “comeback”…


Unlike me, Aryana is ALL ABOUT the 90s fashion revival.  She’s only 15, but obviously the cooler sister- ugh!  So while she is rocking her cropped, grungy separates, I’m opting for the classics I come across, like this one from Zara. 🙂


I am very experimental when it comes to fashion.  If you see my on the reg (LOL) athleisure is my go to look.  Some days I’ll be really Persian and rock all black, or want to blend in downtown and rock NY black (yes, there is a difference), while other days I’ll feel a little boho or colorful and preppy.  No matter dressed up or down, I always go back to my favorite style- classic.  I grew up worshiping and idolizing Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and although Riccardo Tisci has done an outstanding job revolutionizing the House of Givenchy for this era, my heart still loves Hubert’s iconic style revolution.  I prefer a structured, looser, boxier cut blouse to a skin tight, cropped one any day.


So when I came across this absolutely LOVELY set, an obviously youthful homage to Chanel’s classic tweed sets, I knew I had to style it for you, my beautiful readers.  I love the pops of almost neon pink in the threading, and to keep it fun, I added a pink clutch.  Of course the pièce de résistance are my Rockstuds…


Still, the details on this set are to die for!  The fringe, even on the pockets!  The tie front bow, which if you’ve seen enough of my blog, you know is one of my favorites ever!


So my lovely followers, what are your thoughts on the ’90s comeback?  Are you down for it all the way like my sister, or nostalgic and old soul like me?  Either way, I’ve linked TONS of cute separates below fit for both! 🙂



azadeh, black

Photos C/O Amelia Edwards

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