6 Things To Do Instead of Doom Scrolling

Not long ago, I realized I was on my phone WAY too much, doom scrolling to pass the time. A lot of my work involves being connected and online 24/7, but over the last few months I put some boundaries in place to break the habit. There are many studies about the negative side effects of excessive phone use including memory loss, sleep deficiency, and increased anxiety. 

It’s come to the point where I just don’t like being on my phone so much anymore! The constant influx of bad news, internet trolls, and negativity takes a toll on you. I’ve been finding value in my life again, and focusing on being present with my loved ones. I also brain dumped a list (pen to paper, not my notes app!) of things I can do instead of doom scrolling.

Get Outside

You already know I’m the biggest fan of walking. I’ll walk just to walk! But going outside to walk doesn’t necessarily mean in nature and checking your phone every two minutes. Put your phone on DND and take in your surroundings. Go to a store to walk around and window shop. Walk to your favorite local coffee shop for a treat. My favorite is to walk while listening to a walking meditation. 

Declutter and Clean

Unless you are a perfectly immaculate human, I’m sure there is something near you that could use a little cleaning. Your fridge, your drawers, your dishes, that “chair” in your room, your desk, maybe your bookcase, or even your laundry. It’s something productive you’ll feel good about later. Go do it!

Create Content

There’s nothing I love to do more than flex my creative muscles. I love getting dressed up at home, breaking out a seamless, and taking photos. If it’s not a self-shoot, I’ll work on upcoming product campaigns. Or just simply brainstorm upcoming content materials for my blog or EnVi. What are some creative hobbies you haven’t done in awhile? This is your sign to pick it back up.

Mindful Self-Care

Two years ago I wrote about how I’m not really a fan of forced self-care. Putting on a face mask and lighting a candle doesn’t do it for me unless there’s some intentionality behind it. Now, when I light a candle I recognize I’m in need of sensory self-care. When I put on a face mask, I recognize I’m in need of physical self-care. Being mindful with these practices makes all the difference!

Write or Work on AzArAm

This is technically still on a screen, but on my laptop, where I’m not mindlessly scrolling apps! AzArAm is my creative escape, and what I love working on in my free time. The reason I mention AzArAm and not EnVi is because I am working on EnVi all day every day, whereas my blog I use as a personal creative outlet.

Set Time Limits

Bless whoever installed time limits for apps on the iPhone because it has been SO useful helping me limit my screen time. I love getting my weekly report and seeing the percentage fall a little each week. I have most of my socials set to one hour a day. This also ensures I’m not laying in bed scrolling first thing in the morning because I know if I do I won’t be able to do micro check ins on Twitter or TikTok later on in the day! 

What are some ways you take a break from your phone?