6 Weekend Habits of Successful Women

It’s hard being a successful woman these days. On top of work, school for some, taking care of families and households for others, and somehow maintaining a social life through it all, it’s exhausting. A few years ago I published a post about 9 Morning Habits for Successful Women, and wrote how smart habits can help shape your discipline, and with that discipline comes success. I still stand by those words! As I’ve continued to develop healthy habits, here are six I stick to on the weekends that have helped me stay successful in all parts of my life.


My favorite part of the weekend is when I do a full Sunday snatch. I like to clean and declutter, do all my grocery shopping (admittedly I do this one on Saturdays to hit up the farmers market!), meal prep, and organize important events on my calendar. Doing all this on the weekends guarantees an easier start to the week once Monday morning rolls around.


I loveee putting my phone on DND and disconnecting. There are so many negative side effects to constantly being on our phones, like shorter attention spans and fewer quality conversations. Being constantly on my phone is definitely a tough habit to break, but one I’m continuously working on. Aside from the trusty DND feature, some things that help me reduce phone time is putting limits on apps and turning off notifications for social apps. When the weekend hits, I try to be as present as possible for myself and indulge in mindful self care. Alone time is important, make time for it!


On the other end, I try to prioritize spending time with my friends and family on the weekends. I designate at least one weekend a month for a group hang, a quality one on one hang, and dedicated family weekend hang. Socializing has definitely become harder in a post-COVID world, but making an effort ahead of time helps keep commitments, and gives me something to look forward to each month!


To reset for the week, I take to my journal (or sometimes just pen to paper for a trusty brain dump) and ask myself the following questions: What worked this week and what didn’t? Which goals did I meet? Why or why not? What made me feel happy, down, or stressed? How can I pursue or avoid those this coming week?

Taking time to reflect goes a long way in understanding ourselves and forming healthy habits to nurture our mental health. 


Remember, you are working to live, not living to work. Take time to pursue your own interests and passions outside of work. Join a community, volunteer, take dance, painting, or cooking classes, learn a new language, grow a garden… the opportunities are endless! And if your interests are to snuggle on the couch with a mug of tea and catch up on the latest Netflix series, that is perfectly valid too. 🙂 


This may not be for everyone because I regularly say that if you’re not a morning person, don’t force yourself to be. Use your time in a way that works best for you, and for many people, productivity hits at night. But for those of you who are like me and more productive in the mornings, I encourage you to wake up early on the weekends! 

I love being able to stick to my morning routine and getting my errands done first thing. Then I have the rest of the day to spend with friends, family, or give myself some quality self care. The most important thing is to prioritize quality sleep over quantity sleep. 

What are your favorite weekend habits that set you up for success?