Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Hello my lovely readers, old and new, welcome to the newly relaunched AzArAm site.  I’ve spent the last month or so completely rebranding my life—my website, my closet, my home, my circle, and myself.  New blog, new logo, new look.  Why?  Because I’m having my quarter life crisis at 28.  (I actually turn 28 today.)  I’ve been afraid of this number for a long time because it’s so “grown up.”  People at 28 are married and have down payments.  I’m nowhere close to either of those.  I pay too much rent, I have student loans, and I’m single AF (lol, what’s new?).  I do however have my education, career, and bomb ass side hustle—all in the greatest city in the world.  I also have this new attitude and approach to life that has me THRIVING and I’m going to share my secrets to having it all so you too, can hopefully live life to the fullest and have what you deserve.

Welcome to Azadeh 3.0.

New me, who dis?

Quick recap for those who don’t know: Azadeh 1.0 was the 20 and some change years where I didn’t take anything seriously.  2.0 was when I disappeared off the grid, drove up the coast, and refocused my priorities.

And now we’re here.  3.0.  A few weeks ago, the number 28 gave me anxiety.  But over the last few days, as I’ve really embraced this new era, I’ve realized how much power is in 28.  28 is legit upper 20’s.  People respect you at 28.  You also stop caring about a lot of useless things and letting go of toxic people has never been easier!  See that?  I saw the power in my fear (even though it’s something so trivial) and instead of hiding from it, let it empower me.  Take notes!

Let’s talk about letting go of toxic people.  It is liiiiiberating AF!  If people want to toy around with your friendship, loyalty, or emotions, cut them off.  If they ghost you, be thankful that the trash is taking itself out.  When someone does you wrong, cut them off (because you don’t need BS in your life), but send them love and light because they clearly need it.  Here is my new policy: no fakes, no flakes.  You don’t appreciate my presence?  Bye.  Next.

Your voice matters.  I’ve become MUCH more vocal about what I want and I’m better at letting people know exactly how I feel in any situation.  Even when it’s uncomfortable, it’s liberating.  It’s okay to stand up for yourself.  I speak out when I need help, and when people open up to me, I don’t say what they want to hear, but advise truthfully from my understanding.  That last part isn’t actually really new.  I’ve always firmly refused to pity anyone and instead try to help the others see their own inner strength.  (SN: if I ever DO pity you, know there’s NO friendship between us.)  Appreciate the people who give you tough love—they’re the few who seriously care enough to slap you with the truth.

Be selfish about who you spend your time with and how you spend it.  Don’t be afraid to start over at any given moment and do what YOU want.  You already know how selfish I am about who I keep in my circle. 😉

Support your friends and their dreams.  Let others see you as a light.  Call your mom (or dad/grandparents/guardians) every day.  Life is too short to neglect your family.  Life is also too short to settle.  So don’t settle.  Ever.

Y’all, I have found this new inner strength I can’t put into words.  And all I’m doing is putting myself first and removing all toxic situations and people from my life.  We talk about doing this, we see cliché quotes all over social media saying to do this.  But when you actually DO put yourself first, things really change.  But it only works if you have GOOD INTENTIONS.  If you’re just mean and insecure, you’re always going to be miserable.


Long ago, I set some goals to accomplish by the time I turn 30.  I have two years to reach those goals and I refuse to let anything stand in my way.  I’ve transformed my apartment into a peaceful and creative space that inspires discipline and motivation.  I’ve amped up my fitness, focused more on my meditation and faith, and made my diet way healthier.  I’m also in the midst of selling and donating a huge chunk of my closet.  (I mean, are these not all signs of a quarter life crisis?!?!)  But the biggest transformation has probably been right here with the reconstruction of my blog.

Apart from the new ~*LeWK*~, I’m going to be posting less and instead maintain a high standard of quality.  I’m not in this because I want Instagram fame for clothes or whatever.  I created this blog to grow my platform and hopefully influence people to go out and do good in the world.  My platform has grown (and continues too! #blessed), but I got lazy about the giving back vertical.  So going forward, AzArAm will be collaborating as exclusively as possible with brands who give back.  You can read more about my mission on the revamped About page here! 🙂

I’m hoping this not only teaches you, my followers, that there is good fashion in the world (there are SO MANY ethical and charitable brands out there!), but inspires you to give back.  Even if it’s only doing an act of random kindness a day.

Stay tuned for the next two years.  Because I promise I’m about to come hard, with everything I have, for everything I want.  And this is your only formal invitation to either admire the moves I make, or motivate me more with your hate.

(Can you tell how excited I am because I unintentionally rhymed that last bit? LOL!) :*

Okay bye for real this time, I have to go hustle.

28 Kisses,