How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall, but they can be so hard to pull off! After many months, mine has finally come together in my little nest. Like all things decorating, I was patient with the process, taking time to select artwork that spoke to me. My space is small and overcrowding is definitely an issue. Luckily, I’ve finally figured out how to perfectly achieve that eye catching balance that complements your home no matter the size you’re dealing with! Here are my tips for curating the perfect gallery wall:

  1. Consistency — Keeping a consistent theme helps your wall look refined and decluttered. Consistency can come in frame size, shape, color, or the art itself. Beauty is in the details and I kept a consistent theme with all black frames. Frames are very much an integral part of the puzzle here! I chose black because I’d actually love to have a mostly dark themed home, but because my space is small I had to go with whites and cool grays so it doesn’t feel cramped. I use black as an accent color wherever I can! I also kept a consistent theme with a mostly black and white color scheme within the artwork.
  2. Placement — Don’t be afraid to measure your walls! Before mounting any frames up, lay out your gallery on the floor to get a clear vision of what the final product will look like. It helped me to start with the bigger ones and then lay the smaller ones around them. You want to maximize the space without overcrowding it. Because I have one pop of color (the anchor piece), I kept that frame in the center and worked around it.
  3. Love Your Art — I had empty frames hanging for months before I filled them with images I truly love. Having meaningful art adds a special touch and shows your personality. I have a vintage photo of the French Riviera, one of Matisse’s line drawings, and a classic JFK. My favorite is the giant Roger Moore as James Bond photo! The most recent addition is of Lee Taeyong, leader of Kpop band NCT.  His expression is so powerful in that portrait, I knew it was the missing piece in my gallery the moment I saw it!