AZARAM | 10 Skincare Commandments

My Top 10 Skincare Commandments

We all dream of flawless skin, but achieving that everlasting glow can be so difficult! Skincare takes work and tons of discipline. I had my share of breakouts as a teenager (I’m 30 now) and all kinds of other skin issues from dry patches to adult acne since. (Adult acne has sadly become so common due to pollution, stress, and toxins in every day products.) But through all those ups and downs, I’ve learned how to best nourish, maintain, and care for my skin. Here, I’m sharing my top 10 skincare commandments—good for any age!—with you:

Wear SPF Every Single Day

I cannot emphasize this enough! It doesn’t matter if you’re spending everyday inside because of quarantine. It doesn’t matter if it’s overcast outside. There are still UV Rays penetrating through the clouds and wearing SPF helps reduce your chance of numerous skin issues, including cancer. My very favorite, and what I use everyday at the end of my morning skincare routine, is SuperGoop.

Bonus tip: don’t forget your neck!

Drink Water Like A Fish

Hydrated skin is essential at any age, but the older you get, the more your skin loses elasticity and collagen. I drink sooo much water every single day and it’s definitely my top secret to GLOWING skin! In addition to water, I add Vital Proteins collagen powder in my green smoothie every single morning and include hydrating products in my skincare routine.

Wash. Your. Face.

Look, we all get lazy here and there, but it is so important to wipe off your makeup and wash all the day’s dirt off your face at night before you sleep. Don’t sleep with makeup on! Taking it a step ahead, I’ve started washing my face sooner in the afternoons so I have less hours with makeup on my face and more hours wearing healthy products. I cut out makeup wipes because they’re so harmful for the environment, and switched to non-toxic cleansing balms and oils. They’ve made a noticeable difference! Makeup wipes stretch your skin causing it to sag, but gently using a cleansing balm helps maintain your skin’s elasticity! If I do use a wipe, it’s the Makeup Eraser, which is so soft and so powerful… it’s magic!

Stop Scrubbing Too Hard

Massage your skin gently! Scrubbing irritates your skin and can cause more damage in the long run. Apply your cleanser in a circular motion and once it lathers up, that should be sufficient. 🙂

Nourish From Within

I am a huge fan of superfoods! We put a lot of effort in topical skincare, but nourishing from within is equally important. Eat your way to a youthful glow by noshing on fruits, veggies, healthy oils, and lean proteins. Some superfoods I love: ginger, avocado, chia seeds, sweet potato, salmon, quinoa, and spinach. Check out my green smoothie recipe (packed with superfoods!) here!

Think About Prevention With The Right Products For YOU

If you aren’t using acids in your skincare routine, now is the time to start. Acids help break down damaged skin cells on the surface, resulting in a brighter appearance. Two acids you should definitely know about and incorporate into your regimen are Absorbic Acids (Vitamin C) and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Vitamin C is good for daytime as an antioxidant and AHAs are ideal for nighttime (in serums or weekly face masks) while your skin regenerates.

Using the right products for YOU is vital. If trial and error doesn’t work, make an appointment to visit your dermatologist or an esthetician to learn more about your skin type. They are the professional who can help best determine your skin’s needs! Regular visits with an esthetician can also help you determine what products are working for you.

Bonus tip: make sure to clean your makeup brushes weekly! Dirty brushes lead to clogged pores!

Start Cleansing—The Right Way

The goal of cleansing is to wash away makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells. Use lukewarm water, make sure your cleanser is the right one for you, lather in circular motions, and quickly moisturize after. Remember, only exfoliate (scrubs or electric tools) once a week or so otherwise you risk damaging your skin’s barrier.

If you’re doing a face mask, cleanse your face beforehand and once your face mask is done, rinse it off with warm water. You need to let all those concentrated ingredients work! If it’s a sheet mask, no need to rinse off, simply let those serums absorb into your face.

Bonus tip: wash your hands before washing your face otherwise you’re just spreading more dirt from your hands!

Pat, Pat, Pat

Tugging a towel all over your face leads to irritation and can cause your skin to sag from losing elasticity. After properly cleansing, gently pat your face with a clean wash towel.

Rinse With Cold Water

Wash your face with warm water, but end it with one cold rinse. Cold water helps tighten your pores back up, preventing dirt and bacteria from getting in. A cold rinse also helps reduce redness and inflammation.

Don’t Forget Beauty Sleep

It’s been scientifically proven that sleep helps keep your skin looking its best. Skin repairs itself during sleep and a good nights rest helps your skin recover from environmental stressors. Wash your face, lather up some moisturizing night cream, and try to sleep on your back to prevent stretching your skin when it rubs on your sheets. If you have trouble falling asleep I highly recommend a linen spray. I’ve been using this one from Osea that is completely non-toxic and helps me sleep really well!

What are some of your favorite skincare secrets?