Welcome to St. Tropez

Good morning beautiful people.  I’ve been holding on to these pictures because it makes me a little sad to post them and come to terms with the end of summer a.k.a. the saddest time of the year.  I was invited to a fashion week dinner last night (thank you for spoiling us Nolcha Shows!) at one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Bagatelle NYC.  I’m so lucky that I went to the original one in St. Tropez this summer and even more, that I got this incredible photo shoot on a boat on the way there.  (Just look at that water!)

Last night I was with some of my closest #GirlBoss friends surrounded by beautiful French people and I woke up this morning feeling a homesickness for the south of France.  I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to visit there a number of times throughout my life, and I definitely plan on going back more.  To me, it is the ultimate travel destination.  It’s where I can go over and over again, and never get tired.  I love the blend of cultures in Nice, the art scene in Antibes, the cars in Monaco, and the food in Villefranche.  I love that you can go from super glamorous Cannes to local beach town Juan Les Pins within a matter of minutes on the train.  And above all, I just looove that blue water and cloudless skies.  Here I am, embracing my inner Grace Kelly in the middle of the Mediterranean. 🙂

Now instead of wallowing in my summertime homesickness, I’m going to use it to drive me more to provide myself a life where I can summer more than just 3 months a year- lol!  Here’s a throwback Instagram picture of me at Bagatelle Beach: