What I’m Looking Forward to This Summer

How are we already halfway through 2023 and approaching summer?! The year started out pretty challenging for me mental health wise, but through therapy and surrounding myself with good people, I’m actually looking forward to this summer. With that being said, I will be taking a little break from blogging until the fall to focus on other projects and be more present in my life.

I truly wish I could blog full time, because this will forever be my favorite creative outlet. I’ve especially loved coming on here since I revamped the site this past winter. There is something special about having your own platform (not Instagram, TikTok, etc.) that you have full control over and don’t have to worry about getting shut down or disfavored by an algorithm. You’re here because you’re part of my community. Come when you need a little inspiration, big sister advice, or motivation. I’m here for you! <3

Before I sign off for the summer, I want to share with you some things I’m looking forward to:

Summer Travels

This summer, my family and I are heading to Crete, Milan, and Antibes. I am SO excited! It will be my first time in Milan and I can’t wait to indulge in all the yummy pastas and gelato, explore a new city, and hopefully get some famous Milan shopping done!

New Puppy

For my sister’s college graduation + law school acceptance gift, my mom is gifting her (and all of us!) a brand new puppy! She’s an all black mini poodle and I’ve already seen photos of her… cannot wait to cuddle and spoil her!

City Nights

I’ve fallen in love with New York again (not that I ever really fell out of love with her), and have been spending weekends hitting the town with a new special someone. Picnics in the park, museum dates, discovering new restaurants… I plan to make the most of these days and immerse myself in all the city has to offer.