Why I took a break from Blogging And Azaram

I’m so excited to relaunch and dive back into my favorite creative outlet, blogging. For me, my blog encapsulates all my ideal skills: building community, writing, photography, editing, and overall content creation. But I took a big break from blogging and AzArAm for the past year-ish for two reasons. 

Focus On EnVi

The biggest reason for my break was to focus on EnVi. Running a brand and 90 people is not easy! But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I just wasn’t at a place in my life—or my mental health—where I could manage two brands full time without slacking on the other. And I am not a half-ass person! I’d much rather be able to put 100% into a few projects than 50% into multiple ones.

This past year saw a lot of growth for EnVi. We started printing our issues, hosted a handful of in person events in both New York and Los Angeles, and worked with a ton of new artists. Proud to say we already have all of our 2023 editorial calendar planned out too! Now that I have a comfortable routine and rhythm with EnVi, I know when and where I can step back if needed to focus on other things in my life, such as AzArAm.

Rebrand AzArAm

The second reason I took a step back was because I really wanted to rebrand AzArAm. I wrote blog posts all throughout the year, (which is great because I have a ton of content batched up for 2023!), but I couldn’t bring myself to publish them. My website, logo, and branding didn’t align with my personal growth. I didn’t feel a connection to the visual aspects, and in a way that hindered me. 

What you’re seeing today is my newly updated site, which I did all on my own! I’m so in love with how it turned out—the visuals, the navigation, and all the small details I poured my heart into with design. I don’t have a web developer so it took weeks of me trying and learning on my own to get AzArAm to look and feel how I want. The template I am using is from TheThemeCollective. I’m obsessed with the About page

Now that I have a website and digital platform I’m proud of, I’m excited to jump back into the content. AzArAm wouldn’t be the same without you, my loving community. Stay around for more career advice, sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and overall lifestyle from yours truly.