11 Easy Ways to Add Luxury to Your Everyday

There is nothing I love more in life than amenities, especially ones that bring a little luxury to my day. They don’t have to be anything grand, like booking a vacation or spending a lot of money. In fact, my favorite luxuries are budget-friendly and accessible. Maybe it’s because I’m in my romanticizing my life era, but I felt inspired to share my favorite ways to elevate my every day with you.

Shower Steamers

Toss one in your shower and experience all the yummy ways your stress is alleviated by the essential oils. 

Keep a Carafe and Glass By Your Bed

Not only are these the most aesthetically pleasing bedside accessory, but they’ll remind you to end and begin your day hydrated. 

Flavor your water

I’ve always been a fan of adding a little fruit, citrus, or herbs to my water. I keep a couple carafes in the fridge and rotate through them. Some of my favorite add ons include lemon, cucumber, raspberry, and mint. 

Work from a Hotel

At least once a week I’ll break up my WFH routine and work in a hotel in the city. Most hotels now have designated public work areas or work centers in their lobbies. I love the people watching, access to great coffee shops, and ample WiFi and seating. 

Hang Eucalyptus in the Shower

Stop by your local farmer’s market this weekend and pick up some eucalyptus stems. Once they’re dried, hang them behind your shower head. The steam releases the plant’s essential oils, resulting in the ultimate spa-like experience at home.

Buy fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are the ultimate pick me up. They naturally bring a happy light and presence to any home and make the prettiest decor. No need to splurge on expensive bouquets either. I love getting my flowers from the farmer’s market or Trader Joe’s.

Invest in Good Sheets and Towels

We spend one third of our lives in bed, so might as well invest in making it a worthwhile experience. I also believe nothing beats a good shower like topping it off wrapped in a hotel level towel. Trust me! This one is a bit on the pricier side of this list, but the cost per use balances it out. I like to get my sheets and towels from Parachute home, but I have seen incredible and amazing 100% cotton organic sheets at Marshalls and Target (the Casaluna line!). For towels, I like to feel as if I’m in a hotel—all white, and the bigger the better!

Cook from Scratch

This may not be for everyone, but food and cooking are one of my love languages. Taking time to prepare a meal is relaxing for me. It always feels like a luxury when I sit down to eat a meal I’ve made from scratch. I usually meal prep on the weekends and purchase groceries to accommodate those meals. 

Pillow Sprays

I spray my pillows every single night with a pillow spray. It’s the ultimate little luxury crawling into bed after a long day. Most are so light, you barely smell them. It’s a relaxing touch to help your senses wind down and get ready to sleep.

Lavender Drawer Sachets

Lavender has a myriad of therapeutic benefits including improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Add a touch of luxury to your life by adding lavender sachets to your drawers, gym bags, cars, or laundry dryer. They’ll add a little good scent to your clothes and environment without all the harsh chemicals.

Wear cute loungewear, and plush slippers 

As someone who frequently works from home, I can fall into a monotonous routine or afternoon slump easily. Having some quality and cute loungewear definitely helps get ready in the mornings. I love matching sets or comfy sweats with a cozy cardigan. I top off every at home look with plush slippers. 


Do you have any little luxury that helps elevate your everyday?