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5 Ways to Reset For A New Month

A new month signifies new opportunities—a fresh chapter of the year for accomplishing growth and goals. I strive to be organized and like I have my life together, and so I begin each month prepped ahead of time so I’m not scrambling to figure things out. Below are five ways I like to reset for each month.

Book Maintenance Appointments

What do I have to do this month? Is it my six month dentist appointment? Do I need to schedule a haircut? Is tax season approaching and I need to find time with my accountant? I try not to leave these things last minute and make an effort to book my appointments when I know things are approaching. 

Check on Finances

I’m still developing better financial habits, but I do check my finances thoroughly beginning/end of each month. How much did I spend? How much did I save? What monthly payments need to be made? I also look through automatic payment subscription services and whenever I notice I’m not really utilizing one I cut it off. Those are so sneaky and can quickly add up!  

Schedule Workouts for the Month

This one depends on what your preferred workouts are since some are easier to schedule than others. If you’re a runner or gym goer, you probably already fit in your workouts regularly. My pilates studio has an app that lets me book up to a certain number of classes a month and I make sure to book them ahead of time because wow do they fill up fast!

Deep Clean Your Space

Because of my current living situation (hi, mom!) this means my room and my office. My bedroom doesn’t require too much maintenance, mainly making sure clothes haven’t piled up, everything is swept and dusted, and my dresser isn’t piled up with makeup and knick knacks (laundry, trash, and vacuum are weekly). For my office, I make sure to wipe down surfaces, vacuum, take out the trash, organize my desk drawers from loose papers), and put away PR goods. I will always advocate having a clean space because it really impacts your mental health! 

Brain Dump Monthly Goals

One of my favorite, easy ways to stay motivated and even get out of a slump. Taking pen to paper helps get my juices flowing (much more than the Notes app!) and I can visualize my goals better. Monthly goals don’t have to be grand to be beneficial. Lately a monthly goal of mine has been to reconnect and meet up irl with one industry friend. It’s important to maintain those relationships, and I’ve been pretty consistent so far this year!