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3 Ways to Celebrate Every Single Day

Every morning we open our eyes is an opportunity and we can choose to celebrate the day or let it drain us. Yes, society is systemically stacked against the majority, I’m not blindly pushing that fact aside. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work around our environments for our own benefit!

I love ending a day knowing I tried to take a few steps forward for my future self. That could be by practicing an abundance mindset or following a morning routine. Lately, I’ve been trying a simpler technique. I celebrate living every single day by completing three tasks.

One From Your To-Do List

This one is for your future self. Only you know what you have to do. Send that email, make that phone call, schedule that meeting! Start that blog, write that post, and file that LLC! One step forward, is still a step forward, even if it’s one a day.

One Act of Self-Care

This one is for your present self. Listen, 2020 has been a year. The world has turned upside down in more ways than one. I’m confident we will overcome the struggles we face, but in the meantime, I’m advocating for self-care every day! Check out this post on 28 ways to mindfully self-care! Mental, physical, and spiritual health should always come first. Nourish them!

One Act of Kindness

This one is for someone else. Call your loved ones. Help a neighbor. Reach out to a friend. Make an effort to be a light in someone’s dark cloud. An act of kindness for others could even be learning to listen without interrupting.

I’m very Type-A and can be hard on myself to get through my to-do lists. 2020 has taught me to pump the breaks and simply celebrate getting through each day slowly. Having these three little things to look forward to, has been a great motivator! I hope you feel inspired from this post and remember to also celebrate how far you’ve come this year.