AZARAM | 9 Morning Habits For Every Successful Women

9 Morning Habits for Every Successful Woman

Morning habits can make or break your entire day. They have the power to determine which direction your day will go and ultimately, much of your life. Smart habits help shape your discipline and with discipline comes success. It seems tedious at first, but I promise once you get into a routine, you’ll look forward to it forever. Here are nine healthy morning habits I’ve developed over the years that have contributed to success in all parts of my life from being a student to a career woman to an entrepreneur.

Get Up & Get Going

This is probably the hardest part because it feels sooo good to hit the snooze button and roll over for a few extra minutes of sleep, but force yourself to get up and start your day. A trick that helps me accomplish jumping out of bed is the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. “If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” You count down from five, 5-4-3-2-1, and on one do the action! In this case, it’s getting out of bed. Throw back those covers, sit up, and put your feet on the ground!

Don’t Reach For Your Phone

As soon as you get on your phone (especially while still in bed) you’ll inevitability start going through your notifications, checking your newsfeeds, and seeing everything on your timelines. It’s a distraction—a bad one. I promise all the notifications will be there later, but for now focus on getting up, moving, and starting your day with concentrated attention.

Make Your Bed

I can’t start my day until I make my bed every morning. It’s such a quick, easy chore that leaves you feeling accomplished first thing in the morning, putting your productivity into motion. You can see my bed making habit in my Get Ready With Me video.

Express Gratitude

Another part of my morning is expressing gratitude and meditating from the moment I open my eyes. Meditating may not be for everyone, but I highly suggest expressing gratitude. Be thankful you have another day ahead of you to open your eyes and see the world, to breathe freely, think freely, and move your limbs. Be grateful for having opportunity in front of you to do your best and make the most of your life! Life is beautiful! Be grateful for it!


There are countless studies on the importance of beginning your day with water. Your body dehydrates throughout the night so beginning your morning with water helps re-hydrate you, kickstarts you metabolism, and helps flush out toxins. I personally start every morning with a hot water and lemon, sometimes adding fresh ginger to it, before I eat anything.

Get Ready

Why wait? Start getting ready and incorporate mindful habits that have you feeling your best. When you wash your face, make sure to end on a cold rinse—and if you’re a morning shower person do the same! A cold rinse will not only wake you up, but it’s great for blood circulation, and closes your pores so bacteria doesn’t get in. When you’re doing your morning skincare routine, don’t rush. Concentrate on your skin and think about (be mindful!) of how you’re nourishing your skin. If you’re getting ready to go workout, be proud of how you’re taking care of your body. If you’re putting on makeup and getting dressed for work or school, think of how you’re about to present yourself into the world that day.

Repeat Affirmations

One of my most asked questions is how am I so positive all the time? Positive affirmations, y’all! When I’m getting ready in the mornings I pep talk myself to my mirror. I ACTUALLY DO THIS! Is it awkward? Only if you let it be. There is absolutely no shame in doing this and the most successful women I know all do this. Remind yourself how much you’ve accomplished and be proud of yourself. As woman we are generally taught to me modest and quiet about our efforts. Why? I’m not saying be arrogant, I’m saying don’t downplay your achievements. Uplift yourself and remind yourself of how much you f*cking rock. And if your greatest achievement is getting up out of bed that day, guess what? You’re still winning.

Eat Breakfast

There’s a reason they say it’s the most important meal of the day! Eating a well balanced breakfast helps boost your metabolism for the day and keeps you energized. PS—this is time to finally check your phone. 😉

Show Up For Yourself

You have been blessed with another day full of opportunities. Today is the day you take another step towards your goals and dreams. No matter the environment or situations today, you’re going to show up for yourself because you owe her that. You are going to prioritize your own wellbeing, accept your journey, and trust the universe is working in your favor.

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