6 Email Etiquette Tips Every Professional Should Know

When it comes to professionalism, something I emphasize greatly is email etiquette. In this day and age, emailing consumes so much of both our work time and personal time. When I’m not answering work emails, I find myself leisurely reading newsletters, checking out promotional deals, or frantically refreshing for latest updates on my The Real Real order—all through emails! 

With many of us working from home, it’s more important than ever to keep those professional relationships in tact. I always say that social media is like the front door to a business, but email is like the front door to YOU. Taking a few extra moments to tailor your emails so they are personable can go a long way in building professional relationships. 

I can say from personal experience, I receive a LOT of email pitches from prospective contributors at EnVi, and there is definitely a clear distinction between who we respond to and not based on their email etiquette. 

Below are six tips I always abide by for best email etiquette.

Use a Professional Email Address

As an adult — especially a young adult entering professional environments — make sure you’re using a professional email address. Something simple with your name or initials with a gmail account is best. It’s a bit off putting when I receive email inquiries for internships and it’s from someone with no name and email address with K-pop idol names in it! 

Include a Clear Subject Line

When I’m pitching anything from EnVi I make sure to include “EnVi Media“ in the subject line so it’s the first thing potential collaborators see. I want them to know who we are and what we’re reaching out for! 

My advice to anyone sending a cold email is to be as direct and clear as possible. It increases your chances of the recipient opening the email!

Keep it Short and Sweet

Even when you’re pitching for a big opportunity, keep the email brief and make every word count. For nearly all writing (even my blog posts!) I follow the inverted pyramid rule, which we utilize in journalism. The most important information goes at the top and answers who, what, when, where, and why.

If it’s a cold email, make sure you clearly introduce yourself and what you’re reaching out about. Keep it friendly with a “hope you had a good weekend” or “hope you’re doing well” as the greeting. Remember to use “please” and “thank you” at least once throughout.” And don’t forget to let the recipient know they can reach out to you with any questions at the end.

I always notice when emails have a little personality to them, and feel more inclined to reply back faster.

Avoid Social Media Tone

I can’t emphasize this one enough, but please do NOT write emails like you would a tweet or TikTok caption! Especially if you’re reaching out for an internship or job opportunity, make sure you’re making a professional approach. 

Don’t Forget Your Signature

Go into your settings and add in a little set signature for yourself. I like to have my name, job title, and hyperlink to my LinkedIn in mine. 

Add the Email Address Last

Before you hit send, make sure to proofread your email thoroughly, and once it’s all good to go THEN add in the recipient’s email address at the end. One of the worst feelings is hitting send too fast and the email is missing an attachment or has typos in it! 

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