The Best French Burger in NYC: Petite Boucherie

One of my favorite New York City French restaurants has a smaller sister bistro hidden away on a quaint corner in the West Village. I’ve adored Boucherie for years, but Petite Boucherie has such a charming vibe, it’s like being transported to Paris! Not long ago, my friend Diego and I were invited to try out their menu, and everything from the ambience to the dessert was perfection! This is the perfect for grabbing drinks with your girls after work, a date night, or weekend brunch!

Check out everything we ordered below, with their prices, and photos.

Mocktails — $11

Both the PJ BREEZE & BERRYMANIA are refreshing and delicious. In addition to the mocktails for those who don’t drink, they have an extensive wine list & a variety of signature cocktails.

Steak TarTare — $24

Easily my favorite starter on their menu, and so authentically French! The meat is mixed with capers, shallots, and parsley for the tastiest explosion of flavors!

Salade de Thon — $28

A refreshing citrus salad with seasonal pomelos, oranges, and avocado topped with fresh tuna steak.

Steak Frites — $39

You can never go wrong with a classic French hanger steak and side of fries! The steak is topped with a mouth watering herbed butter that melts into every bite.

Choux Fleur Au Curry — $28

Oven roasted cauliflower steak with veggies and a curry sauce. Great option for vegetarians!

Boucherie Burger — $26

A 10/10 and one of my favorite burgers in all of New York! It’s juicy, delicious, and full of flavor with the red wine butter, Bri cheese, and red onion marmalade.

Boucherie Crème Brûlée — $14

If you want a fun twist on transitional crème brûlée then definitely try this one made with black sesame seeds!

Be sure to bookmark this post for the next time you’re craving yummy French food (or a burger) in the city. Check out more of my favorite NYC places HERE!