6 Healthy Habits That Keep Me Going

Healthy habits are what keep me going. When life gets really tough, motivation is low, or if I’m going through a depressive episode, I hang onto the small things I have control over. It may not always seem like we have control over things when life is falling apart, but developing the right healthy habits for you can help reset your day. Here are the healthy habits I’ve developed over the years that give me a little extra boost of motivation.

Having a morning routine

If you’re a longtime follower or reader, you already know this one! Having moments of grounding and also structure when I wake up helps set the tone for my day. I perfected my morning routine after years of trial and error, and now this one is what works for me. You can read all about my morning routine in THIS POST

Reading labels of what I eat

Over the last few years through studying and learning more about gut health, I have become more aware of what I put into my body. I’ve always been a relatively healthy person, but I never really read labels outside of “organic” or “natural.” But did you know both those words are falsely marketed majority of the time? Have you seen the packaging on healthy or gluten free snacks, or even almond milks? They’re full of impossible to pronounce preservatives, gums, and unnatural fillings.

My rule is to stick with foods that have five ingredients or less. If they happen to have more than five ingredients, then I should be able to pronounce them ALL! Some of my go-to snack and food product brands are Siete Foods and Simple Mills. I stick with as much fresh produce as possible, cage-free eggs, and organic meats. 


I’m convinced there is no better quick fix to relieving stress than going offline. I’ve already turned off most of my social media notifications and have strict DND hours set on my phone. I’m making an effort to be less and less on my phone as possible, and be more present in the world. I fall victim to doom scrolling fast, and then suddenly realize I’ve wasted an hour consuming passive content! Learning to unplug has definitely been a great habit I’ve developed, and one I’ll continue to practice. 

Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is part of my morning routine, but practicing gratitude is a way of life. It’s probably the most rewarding healthy habit I’ve cultivated over the years. Transforming my thoughts from a scarcity to abundance mindset has changed my entire outlook on life. The struggles are easier to overcome and the wins are tenfold. There are multiple studies on the benefits of practicing gratitude including reduced stress, better focus, and healthier living.

Keeping My Space Clutter Free

Not always the easiest one to maintain, but definitely a healthy habit worth making time for each day! I cannot focus well when I have mountains of clothes or PR packages piled nearby. I can’t even sleep well in a cluttered space! I’m a firm believer that your outer environment is a reflection of your inner environment. When I’m in a depressive episode, or having a stressful week, I get a little lazy with picking up after myself—and that’s totally normal and okay! But I’ve learned that when my space is organized and clutter free, I am more productive. My best tip is to clean as you go throughout the day so everything doesn’t pile up at once! 

Moving my body

Again, not the easiest to put into practice when laying on the couch and scrolling through TikTok is sooo much easier! If I don’t push myself to workout in the morning, I definitely won’t later on in the day, so I’ve incorporated moving my body into my morning routine. Again, this is just what works for me! Twice a week I go to Pilates, and the rest of the days I walk. If the weather permits, I’ll #HotGirlWalk outdoors, but in the winter I do 12 3 30 on the treadmill. It’s never easy to begin working out, but you’ll never regret it afterwards! 

What are your best healthy habits?