My 7 Non-Negotiables 

I refuse to settle in life when it comes to my career, relationships, and standard of living. Having non-negotiables brings clarity and maintains boundaries. I have boundaries when it comes to my health, mental health, and wellness especially. Over time, I’ve developed some non-negotiables that help me keep my life moving forward. Besides the more obvious ones like respect and communication, these are smaller day to day standards I consistently put into practice to benefit my present and future self.

Always Leave a Tip

Always! I worked in the service industry enough in college to know how thankless a job it can be. Whenever I go out to eat or receive service of any kind from hotels to beauty salons, I leave a tip. The only exception is when I’m traveling somewhere that it’s not the cultural norm and could in fact be considered offensive! 

Wash My Makeup Off Before Bed

I cannot remember the last time I didn’t do this, but I know for a fact at some point in my early twenties and staying out all night era, I was guilty of going to bed with makeup on. The thought of that today makes my skin crawl! I cannot imagine letting my face breathe and being prepped like a glazed donut at night before bed.

Invest in Good Sheets and Towels

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so might as well make it a good experience! Good sheets are a total game changer. I think it’s worth investing in something you use literally every single day. My favorites are 100% cotton or a percale, preferably sourced sustainably and made ethically. My favorite brand for linens is Parachute Home. I also adore their towels. There’s something so luxurious about topping off a good shower with a hotel-level towel. I like them super big and plush! 

Have a Routine

Developing healthy habits and routines elevated my life tremendously. I look forward to them every day, and even if I don’t do anything else, I still know I accomplished something small. Morning routines are definitely my go-to, you can read all about mine HERE!

Respect Public Spaces

I cannot stand seeing people act obnoxiously in public, and I make it a point to never be that person. A few non-negotiable things in public spaces:

  • Returning your shopping cart in the parking lot
  • Speaking in quiet tones on your phone or others around you
  • Respecting service workers
  • Not taking up unnecessary space on public transportation
  • Staying on the correct side of the escalator
  • Not stopping in the middle of the street or sidewalk to text

Take Steps in My Career

In everything I do, I strive to take at least once step forward a week in my career. Even if it’s just maintaining my mental health for the week, or sending an important email request. I truly believe in the power of consistency, and not everything has to be a grand gesture or big win. As long as I’m climbing the staircase, I know I’m making progress.

Uplift My Community

This is a hard non-negotiable for me. I believe in living a life of service and that my purpose in life is to uplift others. All my life experiences have led me towards this path, and I couldn’t be happier. Seeing the wins of every contributor that comes through EnVi is the greatest reward. I want to see others, especially women creatives, win, and being able to have a safe online community for that, is the best feeling.

What are some of your non-negotiables?