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7 Ways To Be Productive AF Working From Home

I always imagined the day where I’d be fully self-employed, working from home like the boss queen I was destined to be. Of course, I always picture this happening on my own timeline, but as life has it, we are unexpectedly between full-time jobs working and from home has become the norm. Half of my ‘working from home’ is applying to jobs—actually I’d say it’s more 60% of my ‘work.’ The other 40% has been creating content for my growing YouTube channel and back to blogging here—yay! 

What I’ve learned the last month and a half is that working from home is both a blessing and a curse. I love having the freedom, but since I’m not answering to anyone else, it’s really easy to become unproductive. If I don’t stick to my disciplined ritual, I get distracted and suddenly look up from my phone to see hours have quickly passed by without anything crossed off my to-do list. Workplace wellness shouldn’t only happen in a corporate office! It totally matters when your home is also your place of business. Here are my best seven tips that help me stay productive AF working from home. 


This is SO important! I can’t tell you how many mornings my internal 5:30am alarm clock goes off, but another voice in my head says, “sleep in.” It’s really easy to hit snooze, roll over, and sleep in. But it sucks waking up later and realizing I could have accomplished so much more in the morning. Mornings are my most productive time, and I can’t accomplish anything if I spend my best working hours snuggled under the covers.


You finally made it out of bed. Time to start your routine! I always make my bed in the morning—I can’t start my day if I don’t. From there I stick to my daily ritual. The same one I’ve had for the last few years before going into the office, I apply now going to my desk here in my apartment. Having a routine helps me feel accomplished and like I have somewhere important to be, which I do! Just because my workplace is also my living space, doesn’t make it any less valuable. If you need to do your makeup and get dressed to get sh*t done, do so!


This is a hard one! It’s so tempting to check those phone notifications and get lost scrolling through social feeds. I’ve turned off my notifications completely and try my best sticking to designated times to check the timelines. It’s also hard because as a blogger/vlogger, being on my phone is part of the job, and as a journalist, Twitter is so important!


I avoid working on my bed at all costs. Pretty sure I’d just fall into a daily napping habit if I tried that! I mostly use my desk, going down my daily to-do list, before retreating to the couch in the afternoon. Having a designated space and proper environment improves your productivity so much.


Staying dormant isn’t ever healthy. Be sure you’re taking breaks, getting up to stretch your legs and back. I’ll open up my yoga mat and get in some stretches at least once a day. When the weather isn’t too cold, I’ll go downstairs for a walk to the coffee shop. It’s important to take breaks between your working time blocks to keep yourself focused and productive.


Even in the winter! Fresh air is so important, and indoor air quality sucks. On days I don’t make it out, I make sure have the windows open for a bit. It instantly wakes me up and keeps me focused. Plus it recycles the air in here! On days I’m out running errands or hitting up appointments, I’ll keep the window cracked so when I return it’s nothing but sweet, fresh air at home.


This one is a given and you know it! Staying hydrated keeps you energized. Get in those eight glasses a day to keep yourself alert and skin glowing!

Now go forth and get your productivity on! Need a quick, healthy, and yummy snack for working at home? Check out THIS POST!