Chandon x WearLively in Montauk

Hi my loves!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was in the Hamptons this weekend covering an event.  Moët Chandon invited me to their American Summer Fête in Montauk and coincidentally, Wear Lively, an up and coming swimwear line, also invited me to their summer party.  Both events were held on the Ruschmeyer’s property, so it ended up being really convenient!  I went with one of my friends who was able to get us a car so I didn’t have to be on a bus for 10 hours.  #MVP

Chandon’s fête began with a brunch inside the restaurant.  As you can see, I did not hold back in ordering the biggest, messiest, and greasiest item on the menu! :p  It was a brisket (if I remember correctly?) burger topped with caramelized onion, cheese and special sauce!  It was SO delicious.  You can also see my friend decided to order the healthiest option on the menu, haha!  Guess whose ended up being better? 🙂

Outside, Chandon had decorated the entire place in celebration of their three new 2017 rosé. I do not drink, so I can’t comment on how they are, BUT my friend sampled all three and said the brut with St. Germaine was the best one.  Across the lawn was Wear Lively’s summer kickoff party and it was one of the cutest set ups EVER!

Their swimsuits are made really well and come in tons of cute designs and cuts!  I’m so excited to see the brand grow in the next year.  You can see I had a lot of fun with their floats!