Dr. Smood

Last weekend one of my blogger babe friends, Marilyn aka The Lunar Phase, hosted a brunch at Dr. Smood.  Dr. Smood (SMart-fOOD) is a Danish based organic boutique café with locations in Miami and now New York.  We were completely spoiled with countless courses of delicious meals from salads to sandwiches and all kinds of fresh press juices.  Now you know I’m as carnivorous as they come, but I’m still as healthy as I can be and these plant based meals were yummmmmmy!

We were joined by Dr. Smood’s in-house nutritionist Christian, who taught us about the company, its mission, and walked us through each course.  All the courses had a corresponding juice that targeted a different benefit.  For example, energy, beauty, or immunity.  Everything you purchase at Dr. Smood is not only organic, but kosher certified and without GMOs.  I hope organic cafés pop up more, because you could just FEEL your skin clear up throughout this brunch- lol!

There was only one item I did NOT like and it was the tasting of the wolf berry during dessert.  If you saw my Instagram story, you may have seen my ridiculous reaction!  You have a small spoonful of the herb/seeds/berry concoction and will taste one of five flavors- sounds pretty cool right?  Well unfortunately my tastebuds did NOT react well to it and it was honestly the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted.  It was a mix of sour and bitter and just plain yuck for me, but the other girls had a good reaction, so I guess it really depends on the person!

I definitely recommend Dr. Smood as part of AzArAm’s guide to NYC. It’s budget friendly, EXTREMELY healthy, and a great option for health-conscious or vegan friends who visit the city.  Plus, there are five locations in New York already! 🙂

Thank you Marilyn and Dr. Smood for such a fun event!

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All photos C/O of Leslie Moncada Photography.