My 2023 Resolutions 

I love the feeling of a new year so much. A fresh chapter with new opportunities, goals, and resolutions. It’s fun to look back on resolutions from over the years and see which ones I’ve accomplished. Some turned into full on habits, like developing a dedicated morning routine and finding a workout that is right for me. When thinking about what resolutions I want to achieve this year, I realized they all fall under community. Check out my 2023 resolutions below!

Post More Consistently

Believe it or not, I shy away a LOT from posting more on social media. But I still prefer to post with a purpose, not to post just to post, which I noticed I was doing more this past year. I feel pressured to post just to keep up with the ever changing algorithm, but if I don’t like my own content, how can my audience? It’s part of the reason I turned back to my blog. There’s no algorithm here, just my unfiltered thoughts, life, and advice.

Grow EnVi 

This includes getting more funding, securing partnerships, and providing more opportunities for my team. I spent the entire last quarter of 2022 planning out all of 2023 for EnVi. I feel so good going into this year with the projects, events, and content we already have lined up. Cheers to more!

Get Back on YouTube

Video will always be my favorite medium, but no matter how much I try, I cannot get myself to willingly create content for TikTok. It always feels forced! And as someone with a long career in video, I have a soft spot for classic horizontal video over vertical. YouTube vlogs are more inviting in my opinion, longer form, slowed down, and can be played like a podcast almost in the background. I’d love to reconnect with my YouTube audience again and create some exciting content there! 

Be More Social IRL

Prior to the pandemic, I used to be out and about so much. I was always out meeting new people, networking, hitting up multiple events a night at least a few times a week! I’d go out to brunch, go gallery hopping, do shopping days, or host dinner parties all with my friends. The art of in person socializing just seems to be lost lately, and I’d love to get back into it in 2023.

Decrease my phone use

This is something I’ve already been working hard on the last couple months (thank you weekly screen report), and definitely want to continue into the new year! Doom scrolling gets exhausting, and I never feel good after it. Life is short, and there’s so much to experience. I want to be out there living my best life, taking in my surroundings, not hunched down over a small screen every minute of the day.

Expand My Network

I’m a firm believer that your network is your net worth. Over the years throughout my career, I’ve built a pretty strong network of industry colleagues and mentors. I’d like to continue building upon that in 2023.

What are your resolutions for the new year? If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy reading my nine tips for staying motivated HERE!