My 2024 Ins and Outs

Somehow, we are days away from 2024, which is extremely hard to believe! How does time move so slow, yet so quickly all at once? As tradition on here, it’s also time for me to share my annual new years resolutions. However, we’re spicing it up a bit!

I’ve been loving the in and out trend all over my TikTok, so I became inspired — dare I say influenced? — to take on the same approach myself. One of my go-to and favorite activities is brain dumping after all, so welcoming the new year with a more succinct method, kind of felt right! Now, without further ado…

2024 Ins

Free Palestine
Slow, circular fashion
Natural hair
Uplifting your community
Investing in women
Taking chances
Leaning into your strengths
Forgiving your past self
Abundance mindsets
Supporting local businesses
Being open to new experiences
Learning new things
Smiling more at others
Recognizing your privilege
Prioritizing rest and self care

2024 Outs

Impulse buying
Fast fashion trends
Scarcity mindsets
Willful ignorance
Doom scrolling
Constant people pleasing
Posting online in real time
Imposter syndrome
Chain coffee shops
Avoiding accountability
Excessive screen time
Assumptions and judgements
Negative self talk