A Night at the Met Opera

A few weeks ago my friend Diego and I were invited to the iconic Met Opera for a Friday night viewing of La bohème. The enchanted evening also included a private tour of the historic stage and a special cocktail hour!

Pre-Show Festivities

We were assigned to arrive a little earlier at Lincoln Center for a private tour of the theater. I get chills again now, remembering how we got to meander those famed halls and staircases. Our theatre guides then led us backstage to see the set, and then onto the renowned stage itself! Never in my life did I imagine I would get to stand on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House. The same stage that countless important artists have stood on, sang on, and performed on.

After a fascinating history lesson about the sets — which are all stored in thousands of shipping containers in Newark by the way — we were invited to the Grand Tier Bar for champagne and a delectable spread of apéritifs.

The Met Opera has a wonderful program for younger audience members, Fridays Under 40, with discounted tickets and pre-show soirées. Although we were invited to experience it gratis, it’s definitely a perk I will be taking advantage of! If you’re visiting New York, or a New Yorker looking to experience the fine arts without the high prices, you may consider this opportunity.

Curtain Time

Finally, it was time to settle into our seats. Anticipation hung in the air as the lights dimmed and orchestra did their final tuning. The maestro raised his baton and Marcello and Rodolfo’s voices filled the theatre. Giacomo Puccini’s classic, La bohème, happens to be one of my favorite fine arts, and experiencing it at the Met Opera was truly magical.

And for those of us who may not be versed in Italian or German, every line of every opera is translated into your language of choice on the back of the seat facing you! La bohème is witty and hilarious, about the lives of the bohemians living in Paris. Although it takes place in 1830, it’s interesting how relatable all their problems (trying to pay rent!) and shenanigans (amusing bar pick-up stories!) are to modern age.

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