Welcoming A Season of Growth

It’s fall, it’s October. The air is crispier, the days are shorter, and I’ve broken out my signature blazers. Every season, I like to focus on a word in correlation with my intentions. Last season my word was “healing.” I focused on my mental health and left my toxic job, committed to therapy, and built healthier habits and routines. I took a step back from my little blog here (literally right after I wrote the post on leaving my job! ) because I wanted to be sure I was at my best self again before sharing content. Thank you being so patient with me. <3

This season, my focus word is “growth.” I hope to ground myself more in a growth mindset and flourish spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Below are six intentions I’ve set for this season and how I plan to implement growth.

Expand EnVi’s Businesses (Career)

The pop culture and lifestyle platform I launched last year, EnVi, has been growing in so many ways organically! We have over 90 (!!!) contributors around the world voluntarily dedicating time to push out content daily. Our content ranges from videos, podcasts, exclusive interviews, and articles—how wild is that?!

As EnVi continues to cultivate a loyal audience, I have been working behind the scenes on some really exciting projects to launch next year. Nothing brings me more joy than creating content that positively impacts others. Doing it through EnVi with such a wonderful team gives me extra reasons to smile every day.

Learn A New Language (Intellectual)

I recently started studying Korean! It’s mostly self taught right now, but it’s been so fun. I pretty much went into the bookstore and purchased the first big workbook I saw. Eventually, I do plan on taking courses or meeting up with tutors for a language exchange.

With the way EnVi is growing, and the more I work with Korean talent, agents, and publicists, I figured it’s a good time to learn. I’ve made flashcards of the Hangul alphabet, which I’ve been studying. Stay tuned for progress and I go into common phrases and vocabulary words!

Diversify My Income (Financial)

With freelance life I technically do have multiple streams of income, but I’m in the process of setting up passive income streams now. It’s been a lot of trial and error to figure out how I want to go about this, but I have something launching soon. It’s a passion project I dreamt about for a long time, but the self doubt held me back from trying. Well now I’m trying—stayed tuned! 🙂

Flourish in Focus (Mindful)

I totally understand how HARD it can be to stay focused—and in many ways being able to is truly a privilege. In my healing season, I’ve built grounding habits that help me focus and I want to continue that. I meditate every morning, and recently discovered walking meditations. I also added gratitude journaling to my morning routine and when I tell you this makes a world of difference, I mean it! I spend around 10 minutes writing down what I’m grateful for, affirmations, and what I hope to accomplish each day. I’ll be sharing a full post soon on my journal prompts—be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates!

Listen to My Body (Physical, Emotional)

Friend, if you’ve been here for a minute you KNOW I overwork. That is not healthy! It’s toxic and ridiculous. Through therapy I’ve learned how to listen to my body. As soon as I feel the burn out start creeping in, I step back. I cancel my meetings, I turn off my notifications, and I take care of myself. I encourage everyone to start doing this. This is your life and you are the CEO of your life. Your work is your work, not your life. Make sure you are always taking care of number one—yourself!

In addition to pumping the breaks for my wellbeing, I’ve been making an effort to be more active. I walk almost daily, I do Pilates, and I even run. I hate running, so not to be dramatic, but this is major for me. I moved back home (oh yeah, forgot to mention that!) so I’m not near my boxing gym right now, but once I’m back in the city full time, I can’t wait to throw the gloves on again!

Cultivate My Community (Impact)

As I mentioned earlier, I took a break from blogging so I could properly focus on my healing. I tried many, many, MANY times to write a blog post, but my heart wasn’t in it. I am committed to posting with purpose, and making sure you get value being here! Not being able to provide that hurt my heart, but I would much rather give you my 110% than half assed posts. Now, I’m feeling good, strong, and bursting to the seams with content ideas. I hope to continue building our community and uplifting one another! Your presence and support mean so much to me, I appreciate you! <3