AZARAM | What Does Conscious Really Mean?

What Does Conscious Mean?

If you’re here you know that I’m all about conscious fashion, wellness, and living. In this house, we like and use the word conscious a lot. But what exactly does it mean to live a conscious life? What do I mean when I say I inspire you to live more consciously? Below, I’m going to define all the ways I refer to the term, so you can better adopt consciousness into your own everyday life.

It’s Not Complicated

When it comes down to it, being conscious means being intentional and thoughtful. Ask yourself these questions:

What are my values?

How do I treat others?

How do I treat myself?

Why am I doing what I do?

Who am I doing it for?

What value does it bring to my life?

How does it make me feel?

It’s easy to fall into autopilot in life and become stuck in a routine because it’s convenient. But don’t work just to work and keep busy. Let go of the internalized expectations of others and intentionally do what makes YOU happy. As a result, you’ll grow into a person that not only adds value to the lives of others, but one that you yourself are proud of!

Only you truly know your goals and only you know the best next steps to get to them. Harboring the expectations of society can steer us away from opportunity. Remember your why, reasons, and purpose and make conscious choices to appease them.

Conscious Fashion & Consumerism

Think about your purchases and the impact they leave in the world. Are your choices as a consumer hurting others? Perhaps the poor or voiceless? Think about the produce you buy at the grocery store. Chances are hours of labor in a hot field went into getting those fruits and vegetables to you. What about the clothes you buy? Were they made in sweatshops by underpaid children? If you’re buying fast fashion, the answer is most likely yes.

Officially, the Conscious Fashion Campaign calls it conscious fashion because it encapsulates both sustainability and ethics. Remember, just because something is sustainable doesn’t mean it’s ethical and just because something is ethical, doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. But being well-informed as a consumer is a huge step in being conscious

Conscious Living

Living a conscious life means you are considerate about what you consume—be it food or information or energy. It means the impact you personally leave in all parts of your live benefits others as well. From your purchases to your manners to your time, by making thoughtful and better choices for yourself, you’ll feel more fulfilled in life. Eventually, your energy goes up and you attract more of that good energy from the universe. 🙂

How You Can Do It

Like all things in life, consistency is key. Living a conscious life certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but you can make the choice RIGHT NOW to live more consciously. Take control of your life and pledge to yourself that you’ll be more intentional about all your daily decisions. It’s going require extra thought and willful effort, but ultimately you’ll be happier with every decision as  they turn into healthy habits.

As a consumer, stop buying from corporate chain stores and support local businesses instead. Purchase as much of your groceries from your local farmers market as possible and avoid fast fashion retailers. Put a value on all the things around you. Is there too much clutter? What can you get rid of to bring more peace in your environment? (Doesn’t have to be things, we’re talking toxic people too!)

As a person, be more mindful of who and what you spend your energy on. Go back to the beginning of this post and answer the questions above. Think about your values and who you do what you do for. In the end, this is YOUR life and you shouldn’t spend it trying to please others or society’s skewed standards. When you’re naturally happier, your energy will attract the right people and experiences in your life.