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My Favorite Clean Beauty Products

As I’ve evolved into a better conscious fashion consumer, I’ve also become more aware about the beauty products I use. There are countless harmful hidden chemicals in everyday beauty products causing long-term conditions like cancer, reproductive issues, and skin disorders.

Even more concerning? It’s well known the European Union has hundreds of banned chemicals frequently found in beauty products, but the the FDA hasn’t updated their cosmetic regulations for safe products in 81 years. EIGHTY ONE YEARS! Oh yeah, and the United States only has 11 chemicals banned.

The biggest hidden ingredient in beauty products? Fragrance! A product can hit all the checkmarks, but one artificial fragrance knocks it down a few points on the EWG scale. Another point to keep in mind is that because of the lack of FDA regulation with personal products, anyone can claim their brand is “clean” or “nontoxic.” To ensure they are, I check everything on the Environmental Working Group website. The EWG database is so informative about brands, products, chemicals and even the problems they cause.

Over the last few years, I’ve become much more mindful with the beauty products I use. I’ve sadly said bye to many brands I loved, but in the process discovered new clean and nontoxic ones I’m obsessed with! I haven’t fully made the transition to 100% clean products, but I’m about 70% of the way there. Check some of my favorite nontoxic beauty prodcuts out below!


My favorite clean haircare brands are Innersense and Playa. Every product I’ve used from either brand has worked really well for me! My hair is super curly, thick, and has a lot of heat damage, so it’s comforting to find products that help protect it without harming me in the long run. My favorite hair product of all time though, is the Goop’s G.TOX Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub. If you’ve never used a scrub shampoo, I highly recommend trying one out! Your scalp will feel ultra clean and the Himalayan salt in this one picks up in the shower steam giving you all the wonderful spa vibes… aaah.


I’m proud to say that now at 30-years-old I’ve finally gotten my skincare into a routine that works for me. I have combination skin, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become dryer, especially in cold weather. My two favorite clean skincare products are Honest Beauty and Versed Skincare—and they’re both sold at Target! Affordable skincare FTW, am I right?!

My splurge brand is definitely Summer Fridays—the Overnight Mask has saved my skin—and I wear Supergoop’s SPF every single day. But my secret to hydrated, lucscious, and glowing skin is definitely the classic Evian Facial Spray, which I’ve used since I was a teenager! I use it after my skincare routines, I use it to prep my makeup, I use it set afterwards, and I mist it a dozen times throughout the day to stay hydrated!


So excited to have finally found a nontoxic bodywash that works well for me. Nécessaire’s entire line is *chef’s kiss* and I’m in loveee with Kosas natural deodorant. You heard that right! I have found a natural deodorant that works! I tested dozens during my time at Glamour and Allure and not one ever worked, but this is the winner. Run, don’t walk to snag one up from Sephora!


My favorite clean makeup brand without a doubt is Lawless Beauty. I actually met the founder, Annie, who I had been a longtime Instagram follower of, at the launch of her first eyeshadow palette. She’s a total boss babe and extremely knowledgable about the dirty chemicals in beauty products so she created her own brand. The mini eyeshadow palette has become my go-to and the setting powder is even better. As for lips, I’m obsessed with Mented Cosmetics. It’s a Black-owned brand and not only are the shades stunning, but the quality is the best I’ve ever worn!

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