2019 Ethical, Sustainable, and Conscious Intentions

I’ve set some pretty high expectations for myself this year.  Not only the general goals like career and health/fitness-wise, but lifestyle-wise.  And instead of resolutions or declarations, I’m calling them my intentions.  I want to live life intentionally.  Whenever I’ve put effort in accomplishing something with good intentions, I’ve hit my goal.  And one of my biggest intentions for 2019 is to live as ethical, sustainable, and conscious as possible.  Here are three ways I plan on doing that:

Zero Waste

(Conscious) It’s definitely been a longterm goal of mine to become better fashion consumer, but I want to take that into all parts of my lifestyle.  I already recycle like a beast and buy local wherever I can, but have you ever paid attention to how much PLASTIC you consume?  Almost everything you buy is wrapped or packaged in plastic!  Makeup, hair products, office supplies, produce. . . I’ve become so aware of this lately and I want to become as zero waste as realistically possible!  One way I plan on tackling this is in my kitchen.  Time to invest in as many reusable bags and containers as I can!

Buy Less, Choose Well

(Ethical) I have to admit, although I still do get pangs of impulse buying, it’s not as bad as before!  And cutting out fast fashion hasn’t been as hard as I thought.  I kind of just remember how there are kids literally dying over poor working conditions and no pay to create the ugly trends we’re pressured to buy.  (Sad, but true.)  I’ve definitely noticed a little extra cash in my wallet lately and carefully investing in pieces I KNOW I’ll keep on rotation in my closet helps a lot too!  You can read more about how I splurge on luxury items HERE.

Detox My Home

(Sustainable) I’ve already been doing this gradually with my makeup, but I’m on a mission to switch all my cleaning products into non-toxic ones.  They’re bad for the environment, but also hello, I’m not trying to inhale all the toxins in disinfectant sprays that can cause longterm health problems.  It’s harder than I thought because there are so many cleaning supplies out there!  Dishwasher detergent, surface sprays, shower/tub cleaners, clothing detergent. . . I’m trying invest in the best and most efficient multipurpose cleaners because you know: buy less, choose well.

Cheers to a conscious 2019!