3 NYC Date Spots I Can’t Get Enough Of

Depending on how you approach it, going on a date can be a complete drag or totally wonderful. Sometimes it’s a reluctant night of deciding what to wear, spending too much money on a cab (if you’re a fellow city-dweller), and convening at a scene-y spot with overpriced cocktails only to be met with boring conversation. “Why didn’t I stay in, light a candle, and watch Netflix?”

But other times, it can be magical. You’ve been exchanging messages leading up to the night, excited to get dressed up, and when you arrive, there it is—that spark! As conversation flows, you lean in closer, getting to know one another, making each other laugh, vibing well. You plan a second date, third, tenth, one hundredth, and the spark is still there.

I never thought I’d find that lingering spark, but it’s true when they say it happens when you aren’t looking. My spark was a complete surprise, it crept up on me in the best way. And luckily, my boyfriend is excellent at planning dates and making an effort to spend quality time together. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite date spots that are perfect for your first — or hundredth — date night in the city.

Red Pavilion 

I got a text on a Wednesday afternoon to clear my Friday night plans for a reservation to a jazz show. I love jazz so I immediately responded with a “YES!” But what I didn’t know is that this particular ensemble was performing jazz renditions of all Studio Ghibli songs. And the venue itself instantly became one of my favorite venues in the city. Red Pavilion is an LGBTQ+ AAPI neo-noir cabaret. The venue is basked in a sexy red glow and mystical fog and feels like you’re transported back to the yester-years of Shanghai. Go for a jazz show and enjoy the unique cocktails. Then stay for the after party and a night of dancing.

The Morgan Library

Wander through Italian marbled rooms with ornate gold trimming and celestial murals while immersing yourself in history and literature. You’ll find yourself immersed in rooms filled with rare manuscripts, first edition novels, and works of art. The best part? Friday evenings are free from 5-7 PM! This is the perfect early date before dinner and a night out.

Bar Moga

I can’t get enough of this retro Japanese cocktail bar situation on Houston. Moga — short for ‘modern girl’ — is a term for Japanese women post World War I who were modern and into western fashion. The restaurant boasts vintage chandeliers and tasty Japanese bites. They make a homemade ginger ale, which is the yummiest I’ve ever had, and I can’t recommend the omu rice enough! A fluffy Japanese omelette served over fried rice with a veal-based sauce drizzled all over. *chef’s kiss* 

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