My Birthday Weekend in Upstate New York

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend went all out and planned a cozy weekend upstate for us. My birthday was on a Thursday this year, so he took me out to a special dinner and jazz club that evening, then Friday morning we roadtripped up into the mountains.

We stayed at a brand new hotel, The James Newbury Hotel, right on the water in Coxsackie, a few miles north of Hudson. The hotel is stunning and the service was equally as good. We lucked out so much with the weather — definitely the last warm fall weekend of the year, and spent three days exploring all the little nearby towns. Both of us are big into home decor and design so we spent a lot of time perusing antique stores and daydreaming about our future home together.

We also love cooking and good food, and had a blast checking out the local markets and grocery stores. My favorite was definitely Talbot & Harding, where I picked out local peach vinegar and tinned fishes. Our favorite meals included lunch at Kitty’s (sit in the backyard if weather permits!), breakfast at the Hudson Roastery, and dinner at the Maker Hotel. The Maker Hotel is beyond fabulous and we’re already making plans to go back someday next year!

Check out some snaps from the weekend below, and to see more, I have a highlight saved on my Instagram as well as a few TikToks posted!

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