clean beauty brands for earth day

7 Beauty Brands for Earth Day

It’s been a good number of years I’ve dedicated to educating myself about the importance of clean, sustainable beauty. One, because I care to know what ingredients I’m not only consuming daily, but absorbing through my skin, and two, because I believe in investing in quality products that give back. With Earth Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of trusted beauty brands that are not only clean and non-toxic, but have impact value as well. Check out seven of my favorites below!


A favorite of mine for years, OSEA is a plant-based skincare brand with non-toxic ingredients. Inspired by the ocean, their seaweed-infused skincare nourishes the skin SO well. Their packaging is completely sustainable and every product is vegan-certified by PETA and Cruelty Free-certified by Leaping Bunny International.

Fun fact: their name stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere!


This luxury fragrance brand is socially-conscious and practices a circular economy in their business model. Not only are they clean and sustainable, but they support women—female harvesters in Morocco—to become micro-entrepreneurs. I absolutely love their fragrances, the quality is unmatched!


I’ve tried a lot of different hair care products over the years, but never has one hydrated and revitalized my hair like Innersense. The brand is pure, organic, and non-toxic, and only uses the highest quality and Certified Organic ingredients. An impact brand through and through, they give back to multiple philanthropies including Lipstick Angels and Feeding America.


I’ve never met an ILIA product I don’t like! ILIA believes in skincare-powered makeup, their safe and potent formulas not only look amazing, but protect your skin as well. I also love the versatility of their multi-use products, making my beauty routine both easy and sustainable. Invest in the multi-stick—trust me—and thank me later!

RMS Beauty 

Founded by celebrity makeup artist—and total pioneer in the clean beauty space!—Rose Marie Swift, RMS is dedicated to organic ingredients and clean products. If you’re looking for products that are both nourishing and enhancing, this is the brand for you. Their concealer has been one of the best on the market for years! 


Indie Lee skincare is truly in a league of its own! After being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and told she had six months to live, Indie dedicated her life to educating about the importance of a clean, balanced lifestyle—including what is used ON our skin. Today, her beauty brand ranges from skincare to makeup with clean, effective products.


Before they were a TikTok favorite beauty brand, KOSAS was (and is!) an OG AzArAm favorite! Their products are clean, non-toxic, and work REALLY well. 

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