Color Blocking and 10 Facts About Me

Hi my loves!  Breaking news: I’ve hit a slump in my life.  My drive and passion are still there (that hustle never dies!), but lately I’ve had other circumstances outside of my control dragging me down.  As a result, I don’t feel as though I’ve been very authentic on here.  I’ve sort of been going through the motions with my posts, but today I want to take some time and share some facts about myself with you.  I’m also just completely winging this and not sure what to even say so here we go… 10 (I hope I can think of 10!) things about me!

1- I LOVE olives.  I’ve never met an olive I don’t like.  I could probably survive on them!  And I find a way to incorporate them into pretty much every meal. 😛


2- I’m afraid of whales. 0_0  I know, I know, they’re gentle and very smart, but hear me out!  Once in a spiral of YouTube binging I ended up watching videos where people on boats would spot whales.  They’re extremely intelligent and know to swim under boats to not disturb people, but they are so LARGE they would BUMP INTO THE BOATS and hearing people scream with the panic in their voices and dropping their iPhones traumatized me!  Also, Life of Pi… need I say more?!

3- I cry very easily.  Not just at sad movies, but even happy ones.  Anytime there is a great wave of emotion, I feel it!  Music makes me cry too, there are definitely some artists I love, but try not to listen too often (Adele).  I also don’t see this as a flaw in any way, most times I’ll laugh at myself FOR crying.

4- I survived cholera.  This is a true story!!!  I was a baby, and in Iran, and I wasn’t supposed to survive, but here I am STILL KICKING!

5- I was Steph Curry for Halloween.  Most comfortable Halloween costume ever… mouthguard included!

And while we’re talking about clothes… how cute is this fun, super colorful warm weather outfit?  Honestly I’m so into these 10 facts I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves, haha!  But you can shop the look below! 🙂

6- My enemy is the wind.  Sigh… just typing this makes me need to count to calm myself.  I have zero bone density and nothing to weigh me down.  And I’ve always been very graceful (all those years of ballet) and prided myself on never tripping or falling.  But the wind… is not my friend.  It finally got me once when I opened the door to my car a few years ago and went flying out.  Also a good time to mention I drove a BIG TRUCK and it was a pretty long tumble down for me.  Enemy number one!

7- English is my second language.  I was born in the U.S., but I grew up speaking Farsi (Persian/Iranian for anyone who needs clarification) at home.  My parents never wanted me to forget my roots and be able to speak to my grandparents.  I also speak French, and Italian and Arabic are next!

8-  Harry Potter is life.  I have no shame in how much I love Harry Potter.  This was my childhood and I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter!  And one day I will visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios preferably in some sort of costume.  I can’t wait to get my wand and curse all you muggles!

9- I love New York.  People say that all the time, but I live and BREATHE this city.  I would visit every break and holiday growing up and knew from a very young age I would end up here.  I wouldn’t change anything about New York.  I love waking up every morning and seeing the hustle on my way to work.  You can FEEL the ambition in the air and it’s the best motivation.  There was never a plan B.  Which leads me to…

10- I don’t believe in plan B’s.  When I want something I work until I get it.  I wanted Columbia, the best journalism school in the world, in the best city in the world, and refused to apply anywhere else.  You know how many people told me it wouldn’t happen?  I also said when I graduate I would not settle for an internship or move to middle America for a job.  Everyone said the chances of finding a job in New York are slim to none, but I was not going to backtrack and leave here.  And, well, you know the rest. 🙂  I’m still here, working on my dreams everyday and you should too!   Plan B’s are only for when plan A is going to fail.  Don’t settle for a plan B.

Wow, I can’t believe I came up with 10! LOL!  Shop my look below!