On Wednesdays We Wear…

Happy hump day loves!  Can we take a moment talk about how amazing all of you are with your sweet messages regarding my last style post?  I’ve really wanted to transform my little blog into a destination of inspiration for my readers, but full disclosure, sometimes I get a little shy sitting here trying to figure out what to type.  So when I get messages saying I’ve inspired you, it means the world to me!  I hope you stay for AzArAm’s journey in the future and continue to be inspired to be the best YOU!  🙂

Today I’m all Azadeh-ed out in this post mixing high end and affordable fashion.  I mean, is there any other way to do it?  I’m ALL about that affordable fashion and I like to mix my clothes with classic investment pieces.  Today I’m featuring this pink dress from Victoria Beckham x Target (love me some Target!) and my new Gucci clutch.

I’m definitely one of those people who looks forward to the Target collaborations and I was extra excited when fashion icon Victoria Beckham announced her line with them.  I didn’t actually get to go when the line dropped, but luckily convinced my wonderful mom and sister to check it out and they chose this dress for me.  Look at that pink!

My favorite detail of this piece is the ruffled detail in the skirt.  I had way too much fun twirling in it!  I can’t wait for a summer occasion to wear this, not that I actually ever NEED a reason to stand out in bright pink! :p  I had my eye on this bag for awhile and compared to the Dionysus shoulder bag it is much more affordable and little more unique!

Before I sign off, I wanted to answer frequent question about my morning habits: What advice do you have for getting up early?  Getting up early is a habit and I’ve had to discipline myself.  The habit I had to break is going through my phone in the morning!  When my alarm goes off I force myself to get RIGHT UP.  I don’t look at my phone until after I’ve washed up and completed my meditation.  How many of us lay in bed and just scroll through our Instagram feeds?  What a terrible habit!  I also drink water first thing when I get up; it automatically gives me a refreshing boost of energy, plus it has plenty of health benefits like increasing metabolism and flushing out toxins.  Remember, you have to really WANT it.  I’m able to push myself because I have #goals I refuse to settle less for.  I hope this answers that question for you!  Wishing you all a wonderful week!  Shop my look below. 🙂